Cell Phone Photo Round-Up vs. Craptastical Crap

That's right folks, it's that time again! My life is currently full of all sorts of craptastical crap, and so what better way to avoid dealing with all of that craptasticness than to shower you with some cell phone photo love? You know you want some! What better way to see what kind of life (or lack thereof, in my case) a person leads, than to peruse their phone photos? Come on, come see what I have been up to….

I travelled…

Iphone 002

I was lucky enough to go to a THIRD Dave concert in only two weeks…
Picture 007

…with a best friend that gave me the ultimate surprise and flew in the day of the concert!

and ummmm, yeah, shut it about the face I am making lol. I am not good with self-portraits and the iphone. that's my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

Picture 024

I stayed in a yummy hotel room…

Iphone 008

hubby learned a valuable lesson on why it is important to sometimes wear gloves while doing certain home improvement projects…

Iphone 004

I was forced to ponder the eating habits of others when I discovered these Shrimp Snacks on the floor of a Home Depot bathroom floor. a) what, actually, is a Shrimp Snack? b) why were they be snacked upon while in a bathroom stall?


I received some fun presents…..

ummmmm….I love Dave fans!

and could a present get ANY better than the season 1 & 2 set of Rob & Big???? I think not.

and speaking of Rob & Big, I entered (quite wearily I might add) into Wal-Mart for the first time in almost five years, and encountered the most glorious sight….

*if you don't watch Rob & Big, this will mean nothing to you. And really? Shame on you! Go watch it already! Hilarity will ensue, I promise!

I wrote a friend out of my life….she tried to buy my love with flowers…fyi- flowers don't impress me. sincerity does.


I indulged….

caramel mocha….mmmmmm

sushi that already made it's way to my belly…mmmmmmmm! (and nope, I HATE the ginger! and, I am SO cool I eat my sushi with a fork. It has everything to do with my coolness, nothing to do with my coordination skills. I am sure of it.)
Picture 009

I stared at the clouds and pondered my life*…

*taken with, and edited on, Martha. Pretty fun, huh?

Picture 033

I fell. It hurt. A lot. Even if it doesn't look like it here.


I was forced to wonder, what does a talking poo really have to do with ice cream cake? Bacause I am not buying it that he is supposed to be a whale. nope.


I might have fallen into a dave-induced mania and began seeing song titles while grocery shopping…"you crush me, BAAAAAAAAAAABY!"

Picture 016

I let my hunny take the driver's seat for a bit….sometimes it's easier to let someone else stear me in the right direction 🙂

Picture 037

Does anyone else see a silly profile here….or am I losing it????

Picture 015

I find humor in the little things in life…..

Picture 003

and finally…..I pondered some more while staring at the clouds…….one day, I am sure of it, the answers will be staring back at me. I just know it.

Picture 026

and there is my random little world captured my miss Martha, the fabulous iPhone.



One Comment to “Cell Phone Photo Round-Up vs. Craptastical Crap”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Just the right mix of sarcasm, yet with a clear love of life shining through. Very funny. Love the crush can!

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