Shoo Fly

and in conclusion to the re-appearing mojo visit….some flies for your viewing pleasure. Back in '06 I made this blog post, and the fly shot in that post is my proudest photography moment. I have been fearful of trying to make it happen again…fearful that it was really just dumb luck and had nothing to do with my ability as a photographer. I have had many opportunities to make the attempt, but let fear hold me back. I finally decided it was stupid…I would either be able to get the shot again, or I wouldn't. But either way, at least it would be settled. I suppose it is now settled.

07-18-09 fly-lizard-29-WEB

07-18-09 fly-lizard-30-WEB

07-18-09 fly-lizard-35-WEB

07-18-09 fly-lizard-10-WEB

and I know that I already posted this one, but since it is my blog and I can do what I want, I am posting it one more time, because I am madly and deeply in love with it……

07-18-09 fly-lizard-33-WEB


One Comment to “Shoo Fly”

  1. Great Shots, MOJO is back and showing.

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