Her Name is Martha…

…after Martha Stewart, because she can do just about anything.


*photo curtesy of the apple website 😉

There are certain objects in our lives that deserve to be named.  My new iphone is one of those objects.

I was very scared of this purchase and had pretty much talked myself right out of it. Hubster intervened and told me to just buy it already. So I did. And I am in love. just sayin'.


4 Comments to “Her Name is Martha…”

  1. Isn’t insane that you could love a phone? It was pure love the first time I took it out of the box to play with.
    I think Martha is a good name her…I haven’t named mine yet

  2. i love my iphone 😉 i love the name you came up with for yours 🙂 enjoy!!!

  3. and you never call 🙂
    tell me did you take this shot???

  4. Bob- this photo was borrowed from the Apple web site 🙂
    Jenn- I never thought I could love a phone SO much!
    Carolyn- It IS insane to love a phone! But we are insane lol! You MUST name yours…they deserve the respect lol

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