Not Sew Easy

Ever wonder what a photographer does with herself when her mojo takes a leave of absence? She tries to find other hobbies to occupy her time while she stares out the window, waiting to see her mojo pull into the driveway. And so that is what I have done. I am attempting to learn to sew. I say attempting, because well, it's not as easy as I thought!

07-10-09 sewing-7-WEB

I asked my mom for a sewing machine for Christmas, and while I think I may have frightened her slightly with the request, seeing as how I do not even know how to sew a button on anything, she obliged. I scoured sewing websites, trying to decide what I wanted to make first. A shirt! An apron!!! YES! Definitely an apron, as I have a slight obsession with that kitchen attire. So I bought a pattern…..and started shaking in my boots. Ok, maybe I was feeling overly ambitious. Maybe I should take things slow. I searched some more, and found some fantabulous pincushions over at Heather Bailey's store.

07-10-09 sewing-2-WEB  

I am making an excessive amount, and bought some pretty flower pots that will house them. I think these pincushions are the cutest things on earth.

So I am trying to sew. I want to learn to quilt, but that task seems to be over my head! Quilting is SO not as easy as it looks!!! I have one quilt top finished sort of) and I am terrified of the prospect of completing it. I have a bazillion squares cut for another one….and am terrified of sewing them all together lol.

07-10-09 sewing-6-WEB 

I have completed an apron, and am getting ready to start another one…so that is progress! But I think it is official…my new hobby has me slightly quaking in my boots.

07-10-09 sewing-4-WEB


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