Inspiration Sneak-Attack

I am the first to admit that my level of dork is high. So I am not ashamed to say that I actually look forward to summers not because of the prospect of sand between my toes or ice cream cones or lazy days in the sun, but because my favorite tv show, So You Think You Can Dance, will be airing. I cannot get enough if this show. To watch people completely and totally wrapped up in their passions is exciting to me. It inspires me.

But it recently took it's level of inspiration to a whole new level for me. It gave me an inspiration sneak attack. One of the judges, Lil' C, was givng critique, and made the following statements:

"A lack of confidence is the heaviest anchor you can put on your creativity and your art."

Read that again.

Wow. My mojo actually came into form, stepped out of the televison, looked down at me lounging on the couch and flicked me on the forehead.


One Comment to “Inspiration Sneak-Attack”

  1. Wow glad to have you back!!!!

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