What big eyes you have!

I technically don't have anything witty to say. and no excitement to write about. such is life. But I do have these photos. They are nothing spectacular, but they are another great example of how to make the most out of your little point and shoot cameras.

This is one of our red eyed tree frogs. I was getting ready to go to bed when I saw this uy completely and totally posing, practically begging for me to get the camera. The photopgrapher's dillema; do I attempt to get the slr into this aquarium and shoot without being able to see what I am doing, and also risk losing the moment, or do I just say screw it, grab the p&s and finally find a benefit to those damn live view screens? yup, I said screw it. It was late, The angle would not have allowed me much room for my slr. I was tired. So these were taken with my little camera, set to macro, flash turned off. lazy photos that turned out pretty good!





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