Slacker. It’s my middle name.

I have been a slacker. There is no denying it. I have been dealing with the on-going struggle of trying to locate where I last placed my passion for photography. I can't seem to remember where that spot is. I am considering posting a reward for anyone that can find it for me. I sort of miss it.

That leaves me with a blog that collects dust. And I am not a superstar when it comes to house cleaning. Just saying.

The most excitement I have had in the last month was being held hostage for two days in a New Hampshire airport by US Airways. I officially hate US Airways, in case you were wondering. It took me not one, not even two, but THREE tries to get home. Did I mention how I feel about US Airways? And as a bonus prize, for hanging out for two days in an airport I brought home with me an amazing cold! Woo! Why buy a Live Free Or Die sweatshirt when you can get your very own body full of germs?! That is my kind of souvenir. And that is it. Really. Fun times had by all, I know.

We are enjoying a very quiet Memorial Day. I like very quiet days. Koda decided that he needed a very quiet day too. I love when he gets his lazy on.

05-25-09 pups-2-WEB 

05-25-09 pups-4-WEB


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