Binge & Purge, Samsung Style

My happy little Blackjack II had a full tummy of photos. I was scrolling through them last night and discovered that I take an awful lot of random cell phone photos. It is sort of like peeking into someone's medicine cabinet when you snoop at their cell phone pics πŸ™‚ What is a girl to do with all of these photos? Well, create the world's most annoying blog post, that's what! Who doesn't want to be flooded with a ridiculous amount of bad randomness? Certainly not you!

PIC-0015-CROP  my happy little pond πŸ™‚


the grass that I planted. yeah, that's right, I'm proud! That was not easy work I tell ya'!


A fine piece of literary fantasticness. I have a sick obsession with chuckisms.


this adorable little face…


…is capable of this kind of damage.


driving through Vermot makes me a happy girl.


I have been known to harass my dogs


who wouldn't want a slice of this awesomeness?!


I have been known to harass hubby also.


sometimes, I like to frighten my friends with my lunch choices. it's tasty goodness, I swear!


how does one go about getting nominated at the superstar of the month I wonder?


everyone should own a pair of Doc Martens. I have had these since I was in highschool. I was excited when I realized this…and obviously had to document them!


I have fantastic friends that send me tastiness.

do I really need to say anything?


I am getting domesticated *gasp*!!


Who has the coolest boss in the world? I do! He and his wife picked me up a pair of kissing pug salt & pepper shakers!!


I am so domesticated that I can now make apple pin cushions! *yes, that is a twilight book in the backgroung, what of it?


the older I get, the more practical my shoes get. dammmmmmmit.

*yeah, that's right, no socks! you have a problem with that???


I begged. I pleaded. I just cannot ignore an animal in need. sadly, I went home without a deer head. sigh.


this is what my couch looks like when I no longer have the flu and am able to peel myself off of it after living on it for daaaaaays.


I have a dog that humps my computer every day, all day. He makes little noise, so I keep him around for entertainment purposes.

And that, my friends, concludes the world's most annoying and unneccessarily long blog post. ta-ta!

edited to add….HOW could I have possibly forgotten this??? this is a cup of awesomeness sprinkled with some fantastical!


One Comment to “Binge & Purge, Samsung Style”

  1. Kris….you are a piece of work! πŸ™‚ I love this post! LOL

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