I have not been shooting lately. remember, my mojo went mia? I apparently haven't been editing either, because I found this set of photos unedited. I took these when I was drowning in my little black cloud otherwise known as depression. I look at them and wonder, why did I even pick the camera up that day? Anyone that has been depressed knows that you don't want to do anything when you are wrapped up all tight in that glominess. I had picked the leaf up off the ground just prior to stepping over the welcome mat into the abyss, and had made a mental note to shoot it. It had some amazing color and texture to it, and I wanted to make sure to capture it before the color faded. instead, it sat out on the lanai for weeks. One day I finally saw it, and realized I was going to kick myself if I didn't shoot it before it lost it's awesomeness. So I forced myself to pick that damn camera up, and I shot for only maybe ten minutes. But I shot. And I am happy that I did, because the next week, the awesome leaf was no longer awesome, it was just another leaf.

Leaf collage-WEB 

color ones to make an appearance shortly 🙂


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