Gator Stew

Over the weekend the husband and I went to Myakka State Park, which almost always includes some sort of a wildlife encounter. This time around we had close encounters with an armadillo and some itty bitty baby alligators.

We were discussing how, being Floridians, we aren't really as impressed with gators as much as we should be. Really, they are pretty impressive creatures. But, we see them and just think, meh. Every now and then we will see a very big one, and then we are a bit more awed (or scared, if it happens to be residing in our canal, which happend in 2004- the year of the moster gator).

So while eating lunch, we learned through the grapevine that there were some baby gators and mama gator down by the water. Obviously, we had to go check it out. Getting near baby gators is sort of like getting near baby bears….you had better know where mama is! In the video, while the camera is trained on the babies, I am watching mama like a hawk, and the moment she went under water and headed our way, I was out. of. there. So really…there is nothing very exciting in the video, honeslty, I just really love the sound that baby gators make and wanted to try to get it on "film". So ignore my senseless incomplete sentences and look at the cutie pie baby gators.

baby gators from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

*no baby gators were harmed in the making of this video 🙂


2 Comments to “Gator Stew”

  1. Aww, love their ‘chirping’… and hearing your voice! 😀

  2. Are you crazy????? 🙂

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