lost & found

the problem with being a photographer? you take a LOT of photos. and generally speaking, you have really good intentions to edit them. really, you do. but then life gets the best of you, and photos, lots of them, go mia. they get trapped with the dustbunnies in the corners of your computers files. waiting. and waiting. and yeah, waiting some more.

I am trying to fix this issue, because it seems to be quite a big one for me. and so today I spent a few hours cleaning up my external harddrive. it seems I had quite the system for logically storing my files. and by logically I mean there was absolutely no logic whatsoever in the system. so today was virtual cleaning day….and those kinds of days always pay off in the end because you score photos that you totally forgot you had taken.

I was excited to find these…I had bought a new chair at Marshall's and was eager to see what kind of modeling skills it had, and what better way to do that than to torment my pups in the process? the chair was lacking in skills and the pups were lacking in excitement.



more to come*

*I need to stretch this out…it gives me a reason to blog 🙂 I'm a cheater, I know!


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