february sp

I am slacking….but since we are still in february, even if it is just barely, I cannot be accused of missing a month of my self-imposed monthly self-portraits. I think I need to find a theme for each month…something, because I hate sp's as it is, and this project is already boring to me lol.

So technically, I took these at the very end of january…I am not sure if that means I cheated, but I figure that since I am making up the rules, I will take it upon myself to say, no, that is not cheating.


1-23-09 sp-50-WEB 

1-23-09 sp-26-WEB 

and no, my hair is not really that color, the editing I used decided to dye my hair for me….which is sort of annoying, because I spent a lot of money trying to get a color very similar to that, and here I find all I had to do was use Lightroom and voila! the color is mine.


2 Comments to “february sp”

  1. U are Beautiful 🙂
    PS: Great SP’s

  2. LOL@ all you needed to do was use ‘Lightroom color’ 😉 — and back to my original thought, well hellllloooo there! Good to see you. 🙂 I have a January & a February SP believeitornot … now just to find time to edit & post…

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