Double Dog Dare ‘Ya

I suspect that in most places in the country today, if I double dog dared you to put your tongue to the flag pole…you would be super stuck. Baby, it's cold outside.

I am still in Georgia, and decided today to head out for a little drive. We woke up to winter weather! woo! Twelve degrees people [yes, I know that for some of you, that sounds toasty right about now…but for little ole me….brrrrrrr! I LOVE IT!]. I knew it was cold….but while driving I was still shocked to see icicles on the rocks on the side of the road. The photographer in me had to pull over. And I did. What the photographer in me didn't think about was that it was cold out there. duh. My hands were shivering, which made making camera adjustments, let alone just depressing the shutter, difficult. the photo taking did not last long. But I saw icicles dammit! NOW I feel wintery!



One Comment to “Double Dog Dare ‘Ya”

  1. Merry Christmas friend!!!!!! Miss you

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