Well THAT was Randomly Bizarre

So this morning the hubster and I headed out to have a yummy little breakfast at one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall joints out in Arcadia. I was excited to walk main street and check out some of the awesome antique shops. However, I suck at actually checking things ahead of time. So- everything was closed.

Main street was freakishly deserted. There was a strange fog rolling in. We stopped at a corner and looked down the side street. There was a big scragly dog standing in the middle of the road (remember I said it was freakishly deserted? that counts for cars too.). So the dog is just standing there. I get excited…because I am an idiot and see an animal and turn into a five year old with no sense of impending doom or fear of bites….because I am an idiot. So back to the dog.

He is standing there. He is scratching. I am excited. Hubster tries to drag me away. I will have none of it. I start yelling to the dog in my awesome high-pitch voice. come here come here come here. Hubster continues to try to drag me away. I continue to shoo him away and call to the dog. Finally, the dog hears me, turns his head, and looks straight at me, and starts walking a a slow trot towards us. Hubby gets nervous. The fog gets heavier. The deserted streets get more deserted.

The dog is staring at me as he trots towards is. Hubby is trying to pull my arm. The dog gets closer. His eyes are an ice blue like nothing I have ever seen before. He continues to stare at me. Hubby starts repeating my name, trying to avoid the doom that is clearly about to arrive. The dog trots right by, goes down the sidewalk, into the street, down the middle of the street, and then down an alley. Never to be seen again.

We just stood there. A moment passed where neither of us said a word, and then I looked at hubster stunned.
me: "Did you seriously just see that???"
hubster: "ummm, that sort of looked like a coyote cross."
me: "was that creepy for you?"
hubster: "yup…you?"
me:  "yup"

*ok…so some of that may have been a tad exagerated (the fog mostly 🙂 )but really, that weirdness REALLY happened.

So to leave you with a completely random photo to accompany this completely random story seems appropriate…



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