Told You So!

remember I said you were screwed?! That's right…..another video! woo! ok, really, I promise this is it. No more videos for awhile, it is just that I am excited that I finally figured out how to get these buggers on here, and honestly, I have a slight obsession with my pug and would like to force that obsession onto all of my readers.

So we bought three cute little baby pumpkins, because I am a dork that way and had to buy one for each of our dogs. I set them out all pretty in the courtyard, and then hung our with the pups. And then it happened. Punky systematically ate the stems off of all three of the pumpkins. Mind you, this is the girl that refuses carrots…but will eat pumpkin stems?! So I did what any mom would do, I grabbed the cell phone and recorded the phenomenon.

and yes, I realize I am talking to a deaf dog. I can't help it. I tried sign language- but she just gives me a blank stare when I use it.

Punky the Pumpkin Eater from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

I feel like I should put some sort of disclaimer here apologizing for my voice! Every. Single. Time. I hear my voice, whether on an answering machine or a video, I panic. I grill hubby. Is that what I sound like??? Is that really what people hear when I talk? REALLY? crap. what can I say, we all have our issues.


One Comment to “Told You So!”

  1. Yep, sounds just like you 😉

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