St. Prizzal

Back in July I went to fantablulous Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am a slacker….that's just the way I roll, so I am only now editing the photos.

You will remember that while Robert's cousin E was in town back in May, she threw her sister on speakerphone, turned the camera on me and handed me an envelope. That envelope contained one of my most favorite presents ever: a ticket to Indiana, and a ticket to see Dave. These two girls share my insane infatuation with the Dave Matthews Band, so I knew this would be one hell of a trip. And it was.

And so here is one of my gift givers….April, otherwise known as Saint Prizzal of Mount Holy Shiz Nizzal (yes, for real). Will she kill me for posting these? probably. Do I care? notsomuch.


ok, so technically, I am probably majorly busted for posting this one! But I could not help it…this shot cracks me up. She was having a not very nice telephone conversation, and she is just so sweet that is hilarious to see her angry face. So I did what any friend would do, and captured the face for all of eternity.


I love this girl. Other than the fact that we are not the same age and that we do not look alike, and well, the little thing about having different mothers, there are days that I wonder if we were seperated at birth. She is one of my best friends, and really, I would be so very lost without her.

When our family suffered an incredibly sad loss, the four of us- me, hubster, E and April- formed an intense bond. We have only gotten closer over the years. There are people that get confused by our relationships with each other, because we are only cousins. While I consider these girls absolutely as family, they are SO much more than that, and really, I don't mind that people don't understand that.

April is my coffee in the morning. We email each other every. single. day. And I am not talking about forwarding the stupid chain mails. not the one line "how are you's". No. We email each other novellas. We ramble about the important and the mundane. We have the SAME sense of humor, and say things to each other that I think are pee your pants hilarious, and then I tell hubster…and he doesn't get it.

I fantasize about the day that we will all one day live closer. I dream up ways to strike it rich so I can buy a house in their neighborhood, to spend the holidays with them. Until that day, we all just make every effort to see each other as often as possible throughout the year, and find a way to pretend to be satisfied with that.


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