What? Really? <— can you hear my sarcasm here? These are my sarcasm words, in case you didn't know. I use them heavily coated in sarcasm.

First- yeah yeah yeah, I know I have been slacking majorly with no photos, and I swear that very soon I will post some. But first off, I just need to get this off my chest, and I figure I should take full advantage of the fact that this is no longer a business blog, so I feel way more comfortable whining and venting here. Lucky you.

So REALLY? I have three dogs. Apparently, two, TWO, of them are deaf. What, I ask you, are the freaking chances of that?!?! And WHAT kind of mommy am I that I am just now discovering that one of them can't hear???

Punky, the pugcake, has been deaf since the day we got her. We don't know if she was born deaf, or if something happened that caused the deafness. All we know is that at five years old, she came home with us, and it was clear she had been deaf for quite some time, had adapted very well to it, and even responded to some hand signals.

Tinker is a different story. We have had her since she was a puppy. She is now four years old. It was only about two weeks ago that I noticed there was something not right. We had just returned from a trip, and I noticed that she was really kicking ass at ignoring me. At first, I thought that she was just mad at us that we had gone away. She has always done an amazing job at ignoring me, but I have always thought that was just the way she was. I was starting to get very annoyed with her, and was wondering if it was too late to bring her to obedience class. And then I started really watching her. And I realized that maybe she wasn't ignoring me. Maybe she just couldn't hear me. I started calling her name very loudly when she was sleeping- no response. I told hubby what I was thinking…he is too cute- Tink is his little girl, they love each other SO much, and he went directly into denial mode. His argument was that she barks when Koda barks- my response? "So does Punky". It was a nice try though.

So we had her annual vet visit on Friday, and we brought up our fears. We learned that it is quite possible that she lost her hearing. We also learned that white dogs with light colored eyes are very prone to deafness (Tinker is a Maltese, but she was born with no pigmentation, so her skin is all pink, her nose is pink, and her eyes were blue as a puppy, and are now yellow). In these cases, the dog is BORN deaf. So- has Tinker always been deaf, and the bad puppy parents that we are- we never noticed? I hate this thought. We were told to do some simple tests when we got home, to see if she is indeed deaf, and to what degree.

We did our little tests….hand clapping that gets progressively louder while the dog is sleeping. I have a whistle, and broke that baby out. The whistle showed us that while Tink is not fully deaf, she has severe hearing loss. She was not aware of the whistle noise until it was at it's highest pitch.

So somehow, I have found myself with two deaf dogs. I feel guilty for not knowing that Tinker had a problem, and for all the times that I just assumed that she was being a bad dog and getting annoyed with her. I feel guilty that I didn't know this was happening, and didn't try to train her with hand signals. I feel guilty that this could be something that she has always had, and I NEVER knew it.

And I will leave you with this- You know the saying Deaf, Dumb and Blind?

I have two deaf dogs. One blind husband. That leaves me and Koda…and really, Koda is a very smart dog. So where does that leave me?! 🙂


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