And so…

I thought maybe I should make a little clarifying post….I know there was concern with my being at a loss for words, because really- when does that ever happen?!

I want to say that I did not expect the reponse that I got from my last post. THANK YOU to everyone that supported me, and said such kind things to me. The decision that I made was a very hard one. It was a decision that took even my closest confidants by surprise, because honestly? this was a decision that I held secret for some time, from those closest to me, from everyone, really. even the hubster. It was a decision that I knew few people would truly be able to understand, so I felt it was best to just keep it with me myself and I.

To answer a couple questions-

Yes, I will keep the blog. I started this baby as a personal outlet, and I will simply bring it back to it's beginnings. I will still post pictures.

No, I am not retiring my camera. My camera brings to me something that nothing else in my life has ever been able to provide. I will never stop photography….only photography for hire šŸ™‚

Yes, I will still have my website….at least for the better part of another year. I debated on this one for some time, trying to figure out what to do with it. I considered just taking it down. But I like to get my money's worth, dammit! and I renewed my hosting a few months ago. SO, I will revamp it, and it will simply be a personal portfolio of mine. filled with the photos that I have taken, that I love.

And last but not least…yes, I am ok ā™„
As I have stated in other posts, this blog has been a constant stuggle of mine, trying to discover the line between professional and personal, when to cross that line and when not to. In so many ways, I am an open book, but when it comes right down to it, there are many things that I am incredibly NOT open about. Specifically regarding one piece of my life. I have closed off a portion of my past for a very long time, and basically, I am now paying a steep price for that avoidance. But not to worry šŸ™‚ I've got paid professionals on my side! lol.

Seriously, yes I am ok. I just need to re-focus my life. I need to take care of me for awhile. But I promise I will still be here. Maybe a little moodier than normal, a bit more introspective….and hell, probably just as dorky. but I will still be here.


One Comment to “And so…”

  1. your dog is cute sorry i missed you last time it wont happen again say hi to robert 4 me luv ya nate

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