A Quick Nature Fix

I go through phases where I just do not feel like picking up my camera. Times when I feel like my creative juices are sapped. I will go to new places, and not once have the desire to shoot (such as my most recent trip to corn land). There are days when I question my choice to be a photographer, when I question my talent and passion. There are days when I feel like I every nice shot I take is a fluke, a lucky happening. I have had many of these days lately. It is a phase. I know this. But these phases make me tired and sad.

And then I pick up the camera. I pick it up to take  a quick snapshot- always of nature- and I feel it. I feel the passion. I feel my mind quiet as I focus. The snapshot turns into a photograph. A portrait of nature happens. I do not intend for it to happen. It is usually because hubby has bugged my to take a shot of something, and out of pure irritation I finally succumb to the pressure, simply to get him to leave me be. And out of this frustration comes a portrait of the nature around me. Of the simple and complex world that surrounds us. Of the ugly beauty that many people choose not to see.

Nature brings me back to me.

the snapshot:
Hubster asked me to take a shot of our new caterpillars. We planted parsley this year to try to attract some new species, and we were definitely successful. Each red dot is a caterpillar.


the portraits that happened:



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