Who’s a Bad Blogger?

Me! Me! Me!

I am heading off tomorrow for a lovely little vacation in tropical Indiana. Some people go to the rainforest. or the beach. Not us. no way jose. I am all about corn land 🙂 Ok, technically, I could do without cornland, because honeslty, Children of the Corn scared the living bejesus out of me and scarred me for life, so I find the stuff a bit creepy. However, I happen to LOVE what is hiding in the land of corn, and that would be hubby's cousins.

So off we go tomorrow- me to enjoy the heck out of the cold weather, poor hubby to miserably wonder why he is vacationing in Indiana when he could stay home, where it is warm. I figure I will tuck him up into a nice little snowsuit, give him a cup of hot cocoa, and he should be fine.

I promise that when I return I will pick up the pace here at the blog. *ok, so technically, I break promises, so what I just said there is sorta a lie. BUT, I don't break pinky swears- I know, retarded, but such is my life 🙂 SO, I pinky swear that when I get back I will pick back up. cross my heart ♥


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