This & That…

a random post.

  • PUGMUFFIN <— click on this link. I dare you. I double dog dare you. The pugcake got a few moments of fame, and it makes me smile, so I want to share that with you. Plus, I cannot believe I did not share this sooner, because it makes me ridiculously happy to know that she is on the only blog that I faithfully blogstalk. I would like to be like Erin when I grow up, she is my dog-photog hero 🙂
  • I put our ballots in the mail today. I am beyond excited. I am wicked excited. I am dance on my desk and scream to the world excited. I am break out into song and dance excited. I have a rule- don't talk religion and politics, even with people that you may be close with. It is a dangerous thing and can make people like my dad red in the face and exclaim that I am agitating his condition (for the record, I have spent years trying to figure out what his condition may be, but he keeps it top secret- I think he thinks he has more leverage that way 😉 ).  But I will say this- this is my first time voting. This is the first time that I have felt 100% confidence in a candidate, the first time that I have felt so strongly about a candidate. This is the first time that I have felt passionate about voting, and understanding the importance of this priviledge that we have.
  • I love seeing my mom on my blog, commenting away, it makes me smile 🙂

  • I think I really need to bring the word wicked to Florida. I miss it.

  • That is all for my randomness today. Thanks for listening 🙂


One Comment to “This & That…”

  1. Just wicked? Not ‘wicked awesome’? Come on now.
    I can’t click on the link… well I can… but last time I did, that cutie-patootie stayed up on my screen for days & days… so I must refrain. Living vicariously! 🙂 And TOO cute that your mom blog stalks 😉

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