and last but not least, Miss Lauren. Oh sweet Lauren, the hardest of the sisters to shoot. Shy of me, even shier with the lens in the face. She was a tough one, though I won't say the toughest, because I think that if time & light permitted, I could have cracked her. I think!



She has the kind of cheeks you just want to pinch! But I restrained 🙂

and you will note that of the three sisters, Lauren has the least amount of images. She was quite elusive, and as I said in a previous post, I cut it way too close with my timing. But there was also another reason…

mmmmmmm, berries! I need to be honest though…I was shooting one of the girls, and looked up and saw Lauren nibbling away on the berries, and I thought oh sweet jesus! My cousin has trusted me with her girls, and now one is going to die a horrible death from poisonous berries!!!! yeah, I am a worst case scenerio kind of girl 🙂 they were blackberries. and once Lauren found them, there was no geting her away from them…and I can't blame her!


2 Comments to “Lauren…”

  1. knowing this little girl as i do, she is what she is. the real thing! want a good time? spend an afternoon with her-she is so funny and brilliant!

  2. I love all the pics you have taken, I must say the one of the two of them picking berries, priceless. Having professional photos of the girls is such a treat, you have done a beautiful job and I appreciate your patience dealing with all three girls at once (hey it was a nice break for me!)

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