I am a slacker, and should have had these done by now…but that is the price you pay when you hire your own family to do a session ;p! This is my cousin's daughter…one of three. I have decided each girl should have their own post, as they are each so different.

I will say this again- I wish that I had had waaaaay more time with these girls. They knock me off my feet with their looks and how they come through in these photos. But because of my wham-bam-thank-you-maa'm vacation tactics when I go back to New Hampshire, I cut things super close with losing the light, and only had about 20 minutes with them. There will definitely be another shoot with these cuties, next time I go up there!

And so, here is miss Madison. She was the cheeser i.e. the girl that gives the big fake cheese smile when the camera is aimed her way 🙂 I love cheesers! They make me work. They make me cut through the cheese and try to get the real deal.


I love the attitude here. I know she was struggling to keep the cheese down, and instead gave me this 'tude. I love it.





I know I shared this shot in a previous post, but I had to share again because really, I cannot get enough of those lashes!!! I envy those lashes!


2 Comments to “Madison…”

  1. she is really pretty! you captured her so well!

  2. I love these pics, you did a great job capturing the real Maddy….I like the black and white with the “attitude” but I think the one right under it is my fave.

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