Sticks and….well, just sticks.

I miss my bugs. I know that is weird, but there you have it. I absolutely love shooting macro bug shots, but the bugs have been scarce lately. I thought I hit the jackpot when a new butterfly laid eggs on our parsley, and I watched as the itty biity eggs turned to itty bitty catepillars….and then I watched as wasps (or maybe hornets….I love shooting them, but don't do so well with identifying them!) started showing a lot of interest in the parsley and milkweed. And then all my catepillars disappeared. I have my suspicions. So there went my only bug prospect.

So I was excited when the hubster called me one day and told me that he had some stick bugs for me. Yup, most women would love to hear that their husbands are bringing home flowers for them; I get excited when he calls with bugs! So when we got home, he handed the container over, I opened the latch…and was absolutely horrified with what was looking at me. These were SO not stick bugs. They were little scary aliens. They were creepy. I was not okay with this. I stomped my feet. I squealed. I think I even wimpered. Hubby insisted these were indeed stick bugs….just not the kind I am used to. I am from New England…the bugs are clearly much cuter there than here.

I tried so hard to shoot these guys, really I did. But they really scared me. I always try to find the beauty in bugs…that is actually one of the reasons I love shooting bugs so much, the element of surprise with their unexpected beauty. I could see no beauty here. I just saw creepy little eyes glaring at me, preparing to pounce at any moment and squirt their scary juice on me (becuase yes, these stick bugs squirt scary juice….ponder that one if you will). So I gave up. I know, I know. Quitters never win and winners never quit. But you weren't there. You don't know. It was quit, or be abducted by a stick bug.





2 Comments to “Sticks and….well, just sticks.”

  1. ok, you are *really* weird!
    nice photos love, but you can keep the bugs, lol!

  2. Okay I’m all squirmy-itchy – this is so wrong! I’m with ya. Creepy.

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