me + my computer = grumpiness

I love computers, I love technology. Really, I do. But I am currently having second thoughts about my current relationship with my computer. I think we have changed. It's not my computer, it's me. I have grown since we first met. Things are different now. I think we need to break up. *sigh*

I have been trying to edit these shots…to no avail until tonight. I am having memory issues. Well, I am not; my computer is. My poor little laptop can no longer handle my large files. I have put a bandaid to the wound, so hopefully for now, we can make things work.

SO- I know that you have deperately been missing my bug shots. Here is the thing…it is freaking hot out. I melt in the heat. I do. It's a fact. So no bug hunting when I am all melty. I have had these for awhile….and have finally gotten around to sharing.



2 Comments to “me + my computer = grumpiness”

  1. kris-they look like little soldiers or martians!!!!!

  2. oh my hat, I hate bugs! 🙂
    nice shots tho

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