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September 5, 2008

In My World….

stupid things happen to me. my best friend sent me a button on FaceBook that said "we are the kind of friends that get hit by parked cars", and that is SO right. I have been trapped in a gas station bathroom. go ahead, laugh. I know you want to….but know this- being trapped in a gas station bathroon is NOT FUN. It is icky. and kinda scary. and really, just icky. While kayaking, I rowed myself square into someone's dock pillar. hard. it hurt. I have fallen UP stairs, and gotten hurt. I dislocated my knee….while simply standing. Yeah, stupid things happen to me. and so it was no surprise when I looked in the mirror the other day and discovered that my adorable little sparkly diamond in my nose was no longer adorable….or a diamond. it was still sparkly….just BLACK. hubby thought I changed it out. how could I change the thing out when I just got it pierced THREE WEEKS AGO?!

I thought I was going crazy. Maybe the lights were playing tricks. Maybe I was officially being punished for not wearing my glasses. Gasp! maybe…..maybe someone snuck in while I was sleeping and changed the thing out?!?! I do sleep incredibly heavy. So for the past two days I have been walking around with a BLACK sparkly thing in my nose. No offense to anyone that may have a black sparkly thing in their nose, but it is just not for me! I was aiming for cute and subtle. not black. So this afternoon I headed over to the place where I got it peirced….and proceeded to perplex them all. they were shocked. confused. there were lots of f-bombs dropped. magnifying glasses taken to my nose (seriously). and they said they had never, NEVER, seen anything like that happen before. I thought, "of course you haven't, because these are the stupid things that happen to me". while completely and totally perplexed, I was not shocked, because that is how I role 🙂 random stupidness. But I have to say, the people over at Other Side Ink were very cool, and replaced the jewelry at no cost. so now, back to cute, sparkly, and SUBTLE. woo!

and a random photo for you. Only my mother can con me into stupid things like poking my face through the head of a wooden cow…..