I am in love with this shot. I may be biased, because I am family, but I doubt it! I was supposed to photograph this little man's newborn photos but due to circumstances (read: ridiculously high plane fare) I was not able to make the trip. But as luck would have it, his mama and her sister, well, they rock. They flew me up, I got to meet this little guy, and people….I am smitten. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me everywhere I go. He is too cute, and sweet, and happy, and and and. yeah, you get the point.

And the best part of this shot? look at that smile on mom's face. that is pure love right there. she, like me, is not exactly cooperative in front of the camera. but when she is with this little guy, well there is no room for self-conscienceness to get in the way of that love. and it shows here.

these are the moments that I absolutely adore capturing. there is nothing better.


7 Comments to “sweetness”

  1. Boy, have you got the eye, beautiful.

  2. Love this capture! perfect interaction between mom and babe

  3. ooo look at those eyes! love this too!

  4. A happy mama & a beautiful baby… love this K! Miss ya 😉

  5. how precious is that shot !! he has the most gorgeous eyes 🙂

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