Inside the thoughts of a deep-thinking pug….

first- everything is a-ok here. just wind and rain. no hurricane-strength wind. just wind. yay!


punky: "I was sleeping. you saw that I was sleeping, right?"
mommy: "uh-huh"
punky: "why the camera in my face then?"
mommy: "because you are the cutest pug face ever, especially when you are grumpy-faced"
punky: "*snort*


"hmmmmmm, I wonder when I can eat again. I sure am hungry. and tired. maybe I will go back to sleep….then eat. then take a little nap, and then grab a snack. when I finish my snack, maybe I will grab a little shut-eye and then…."


okay, I have no cute pug-isms for this shot…..I just love it. I have been trying to get a shot of her looking out the window for ever. The problem is, the moment I go to get my camera, she jumps down. Not this time!


One Comment to “Inside the thoughts of a deep-thinking pug….”

  1. oh my gosh, isn’t that face just so totally precious??
    I have a pug x and he is just the sweetest little thing!’
    lovely photos!

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