*edit- so…..all the times that I have looked at this sign and giggled? I NEVER looked hard enough apparently….it doesn't say dental, it says detail. *sigh* leave it to me!!!*

as I sit here waiting for the wind, I thought I would share some complete and total randomness with you;

where can you go and get a cavity filled, your car waxed, and get a good buzz on?


apparently this place. It gives one stop shopping a whole new meaning! Every time that I see this sign it makes me giggle…and I search to see if maybe, just maybe, this sign is for a mini-strip mall. nope. this is all housed in one unit people. disturbing? yup. hilarious? uh-huh. totally florida? you betcha!


6 Comments to “randomness….”

  1. i totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is especially funny when captain morgan, himself, is standing out by us-41 waving to the cars passing by!!!!! i can’t make up my mind, do i want some rum or a detail!!!

  2. LOL – quite the combo!

  3. AND a free vacuum for $4.99!!! Oops, I just noticed the top of the sign says “Detail” center. I saw dental center the first time I looked at it…LOL

  4. LOL Heidi! I saw DENTAL too….would probably never have noticed it said detail unless you pointed it out!!!

  5. I love the free vacuums that cost $4.99. So funny.

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