So every now and then life throws something at me, and I immediately think, “yup, I am blogging that”. See, this is my business blog, but it started as a personal blog, and basically, I am a pretty open book, which means business and personal mix together. So you get stuck with looking at pretty pictures and listening to me babble about insignificant stuff.

This is one of those posts šŸ™‚ lucky you, right?

last night, I was being all insecure and stuff…it is what I do best, you see. so there I was bugging hubby, putting him in that uncomfortable position where I drill him on my cuteness factor. exactly how cute am I? What kind of cute am I? am I average cute? am I out-of-the box cute (don’t ask)? am I quirky cute? what kind of cute am I, dammit?!

I flustered hubby. he had a look of fear on his face….because you know that you NEVER, EVER tackle these kinds of questions with a pms’ing wife. EVER. yup, he was flustered, and as he was trying to explain my cuteness level when he just started stamering, and then blurted out “you are all sorts of cute!”

You are all sorts of cute.  awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! melt my heart! We will be married 7 years next month, 10 years in total, and I cannot remember a time that he melted me like that! After aeven long (yes, I can say long!) years, he can still make my heart skip a beat. I love him!


ok, so I have been completely slacking with posting pictures lately….but fear not! I have pics coming. In the meantime, I finally finished editing this session and love this shot. I will share more later, but for now….miss Molly Brown


and yes, this is something out of the ordinary from what I usually show, but that is the joy of being an artist šŸ™‚ playing!


2 Comments to “awwww”

  1. Awwwww. And Molly is pretty cute too.

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