A Quick Computer Update….

because I know you are all just so terribly concerned about my computer woes 🙂

My computer will not, I repeat will not, be heading off to the land of computer healers. It seems even my poor little wounded computer is suffering from the health insurance crisis. The crisis being that it’s insurance is cash money….that we don’t have. After a loooooong phone call with someone in India (not that there is anything wrong with people in India, it is just that I would LOVE to speak to someone who speaks my language when dealing with a very important issue that effects my business) it was concluded that they would fix my computer for $300. Yes, that is right, $300.00!!!!!! But wait, that is not all!!! If you don’t act now, it will be $400 next time you call. Ummmm, seriously? You are bargaining with me right now? If I do not pay NOW, before I even send my computer off, while it is still sitting on MY deak, not in your repair room, the next time I call to get the information to send it in you will charge me $400 instead of the $300 you are currently quoting me at? I would have loved to tell the woman on the other end of the line what I thought about that, but I question whether she would have understood me.

SO- I now have a laptop that is very much not mobile. Not closable. But it works, and I will treat it with lots of tender loving care and hope that the cover does not break any further.



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