no witty title for this post…

I am tired, and lazy, and therefore have absolutely no oomph to even title this post….yup, l.a.z.y.!!!

so I am home…..and look! look! look!…….

Saturday  Jul 26 2008
Verizon Wireless Music Center

Seek Up *
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Old Dirt Hill
Pantala Naga Pampa
What Would You Say
Rhyme And Reason
Out Of My Hands
Crash Into Me
Lie In Our Graves
Money (Thats What I Want)
Crush *
Anyone Seen The Bridge
(Too Much)
Ants Marching
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

this is why I was gone! can I be any happier? I think not!!!! look, just look at that
playlist!!! I had the best time, and could not have asked for two cooler people to
enjoy that experience with. There are very few times that I cry when a vacation
is over, but everytime I have to leave these two girls, I cry.

My vacation started rough- I was seated next to an overly talkative, and loud,
drunk man (anyone that knows me knows just how much I despise being near
people that have been drinking), I had a small child kicking the back of my seat
for the entire flight, and someone felt it was necessary to spritz bad perfume
mid-flight. *sigh* BUT, I knew not to worry becasue I was headed to see two of
my favorite people…and they did not disappoint. I had a blast and am sad sad sad
that I am home.

I would love to say that I will have some pictures for you soon…..but I have sad
news. My poor computer
is not doing so well and needs to head off to be repaired.

*I will have access to email while at my day job, but if you need to get
ahold of me asap you should contact me via phone at 941.258.8071*


One Comment to “no witty title for this post…”

  1. Hope your computer is okay!! Nice to see you back and that you had an awesome time!

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