it’s all about me πŸ™‚ This must be the most narissistic post ever, so I apologize in advance. It is just that it is not very often that this photographer allows herself to go to the other side of the camera, so I fear you may have forgotten what I look like πŸ™‚ okay, I am not really afraid you will forget, but you know, I should show my face every now and then, right?

So I was off to get my hair done Friday. It was supposed to be (yes, *supposed*, as in, it didn’t really work out that way) a dramatic change in color, so I thought it would be fun to get a before and after shot. In my head, these things always sound like fun. And then the camera is actually faced in my direction and it all goes to hell. I am just not a pleasant person to photograph. It didn’t help that I had just gotten home from therapy (because yes, I go to therapy and I am proud of it!) and it was an especially loooooooooooooooong hour, so I was in a mood, to put it nicely. I think this may show in the first shot here.

on a bright side….aren’t those sunglasses adorable? Hubby hates them. I love them. They are my new favorites, which makes hubby want to flick me in the forehead because I have two pairs of super duper $200 sunglasses….and my bargain $12.50 pair is my new fave. *sigh* He doesn’t understand the cuteness factor here. My Costas are my go-to glasses. They are like a best friend that will always be there for you. These new cutie pies? they are just a fling. it won’t last. I will come crawling back to my Costas in no time.


my poor bangs….I am growing them out. they are not happy with this decision, but it is summertime people! I cannot have bangs stidcking to my forehead all day, I just can’t!

and now….out with the old and in with the new……


boo! I am out from behind the sunglasses πŸ™‚ okay, so technically, I am gross! This is the next day, I just put the same shirt on for consistancy….and well, ummmm, I need to do laundry.

So my hair was supposed to come out redder than this…yes, redder. This may be red enough for most, but not me! I LOVE red hair. The redder the better <—– I swear I didn’t do that on purpose! But, sometimes we can’t always get what we want. This is the result of four, yes four! hours at the most fantabulous salon in all of Port Charlotte, Tresses. This place rocks, I looooove loooooove loooooove my stylist Kathy. We had to pull the old hair color from my hair so I could go back to my lovely red. BUT, sweet, awesome Kathy did not want to ruin my hair, so instead of bleaching it she did some other fabulous thing (I have no clue what, but I am sure it was fabulous because my hair has yet to fall out! wooo!), the only downside being that it did not make my hair as light as necessary to get major shazaaaam red. Oh well. It still has kick πŸ™‚ I like kick.

so there I am, in all my stupid crooked smile glory! *sigh* so maybe next year I will post some more pics of me!

and I was not the only one to get her hair done around here…….sweet little stinker-bell got her hair done too! The poor little girl, she is so neglected. This was her very first professional grooming….I have had bad bad bad experiences with local groomers, so I stopped going. So her entire four years, Tinker has had to live with “mommy-cuts”…me butchering herwith scissors. I finally found a good place to go….PetCo!!! I was schocked at how awesome they are. I brought Koda there, and I brought home a dog that could not stop prancing. He could not stop snuggling. It was amazing. So they are my new favorite groomer, and I had complete faith that my little girl would be in good hands there.


the poor girl was such a ragamuffin!


she was starting to look like a little beatnik with her bangs hanging in her eyes. I kept expecting her to break out some puppy-poetry.


there she is! I can see her silly little yellow eyes again! yay!!!!

look at her dirty toungue! This is why we call her stinker-bell….she is such a trouble maker! She was eating dirt before I took this pic….stinker!


4 Comments to “*me*me*me*”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the new red hair. A friend of mine also loves to dye her hair the most outrageous shades of red, but it works on her, so why not? Love the ‘After’ photos of your little beatnik too. So white!

  2. Red, blonde,brown green or blue makes no difference your still cute.

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