and she plays…

my little Doodle Bug (aka Punky aka The Pug) is a little bundle of surprises. We have had her for two years now, and we are constantly seeing new sides of her as she gets more and more comfortable here. In the first five years of her life she had already gone through three homes and quick visit to the shelter. When we got her, she was so very sad looking. She would freeze whenever we picked her up, as if she had never experienced being picked up to be snuggled. She would never ever give her belly for a rub. and play? I don’t think she was ever given toys, so she had no clue what to do with them.

Slowly, she has been finding her own. She has had so many firsts, including her finally showing her belly to get a yummy scratching. She has spontaneously broken into full on puppy play with Tinker. She has pranced. And now…she has played 🙂


Saturday night as I occupied myself with the task of watching hubby cook my dinner. I looked over to see the pug come running out of the bedroom, with my little pink sock hanging out of her mouth. I have never seen her do anything like this before. She was shaking the little pink sock back and forth, growling and grumbling, making silly little puggy noises.

THIS is why I am so happy that we got a little point and shoot camera! Yeah, the picture sorta sucks…but this is a Punky first, and we captured it 🙂 yay!



One Comment to “and she plays…”

  1. Ahhh Kristie
    No picture,that captures a moment in time to remember forever, ever sucks. I am so happy Punky has started to come out of her shell. I love the first picture, she is totally busted having fun.

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