What Do You Get….

when you put a p&s camera (point and shoot) in this photographer’s hands? ummmm, apparently a whole lot of nothing!!! DSC00058

<— this is what my pugger looks like while attempting to scratch her chin while mommy has a camera in her face.

apparently, my friend Jesse was right when she said taking snapshots will not be as easy as I expect. I have missed, for so very long, the joys of simply whipping a camera out, and snapping a moment up. A nice simple snapshot. But somehow, I seem to have gotten over-excited about the whole snapshot concept, and have reduced myself to taking many blurry pictures.


it seems as if this photographer cannot figure out the ways of a simple p&s. Hubby, a man that is normally my number one fan, that will sing his praises about my photographic abilities, is suddenly embarassed by this reckless abandon I have developed. The house is filled with the “beeeeep” of the camera’s shutter, and suddenly I am caught red handed, snapping a snapshot of a…..well, of a pen. I don;t know what happened. I wanted a p&s for so long that now that it is finally in my hands I seem to be dumbstruck. It has gone to my head. and now my friends….I am taking bad snapshots….. DSC00077-WEB these are scary. horrendous. atrocities! how can I, who takes such beautiful images, take such horrendous snapshots?!?!?! HOW?!

DSC00091-WEB I wonder if perhaps there is a law against this somewhere. It seems that there should be. slap the cuffs on me, because I have GOT to be breaking some rule of snapshot taking!


One Comment to “What Do You Get….”

  1. LOL! Why, what ever do you mean? 😉

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