$5 Perfume

a disclaimer….this is 100% a vent from a grumpy girl 🙂

So, there are certain things that I ponder on a regular basis, and this is one of them; have you ever noticed that the people that buy the gallon jug of perfume that is priced at $5.99 are also the same people that wake up in the morning and decide that they should not just spritz themselves with the foulness that they call perfume, but that they should bathe in it? Why is that?

It makes me wonder if they are worried they may get lost, and instead of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, they leave a trail of stench that can be followed for miles. Do they not have anyone in their life that can be honest with them and just say, "hey, you stink, you are giving everyone in a square mile radius a headache"?

Now don't get me wrong, I like perfume. I wear it every day. But it costs more than $5 a gallon. And smells pretty. And doesn't stay in a room even after I have left. You need to get close to me to smell my perfume- and that is the way it should be.

Sometimes I would like to hunt down the person that created cheap perfume, and smack them. You know the saying "cheap is never good, and good is never cheap"? That applies to perfume too! Did they not think this through before deciding to make cheap smells?

Okay, so I suppose if I am going to rant, I should give you some insight into the rant, no? I work in an office building that, apparently, has a prerequisite for anyone wanting to rent space from it- you must wear the stinkiest, strongest, most lingering perfume you can find. And they do. It is amazing the level of stink this place has. There are days I go home, and my hair has absorbed the god awful stenches these women call perfume. I have a sensitive sniffer as it is, and have been know to get crazy headaches due to smells, so this just pushes me over the edge. I have set up a system of fans, that are all aimed at my office door, to blow the stench away. But still, there are days, such as this one, that the smell sneaks past my elaborate security system and gets all over me. ICK ICK ICK. I want to tell these women that they stink. That their smell lingers even after they have left the building. BUT- I suspect my boss would not appreciate that approach, and so here I am….ranting. 🙂 Thanks for listening!


4 Comments to “$5 Perfume”

  1. ROFL! So true, what is with those people? Maybe they have an under developed sense of smell?

  2. EEEEWWWWW I know exactly what you mean. I sometimes end up with a migraine from strong perfume. I am just picturing you and your fans…..tee hee hee
    PS is your boss a perfume abuser too?

  3. I am so happy I am not alone!!! And Tish- my boss is a man, so I am a lucky duck! no perfume abuse there lol!

  4. ROFL! now I must go through all of my perfumes to make sure they are up to snuff!

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