Celebrations and Snapshots

There is cause to celebrate! Wanna know why? My little blog here has finally had a monumental moment….we have reached the 10,000 mark!!!! That is huge! Exactly 10,138 people have taken a moment from their day to look at what little old me had to say. Wow.

So, I have a little speech prepared….okay, not really, but it sounded good in theory. Really though…for anyone who has taken the time to pop in here, thanks! It is strange to think that there are people out there that check in here, that have an interest in what I am saying or shooting- that means a lot 🙂 so thanks!

and on to snapshots. I don't take enough of them. Actually, scratch that- I don't take them at all. But that is about to change….look what arrived on my doorstep last night —>


yay!!!! technically….I got this awhile ago, but I got a bad copy, so I had to send it back for a new one : ( boo. But now it is back in my hands and I am sooooo excited! It is actually kind of funny, I am saving up my money for a new slr camera….yet I am SO thrilled to get this little booger. I really miss snapshots. a lot. I cannot wait to take pictures just for the sake of taking them. without having to put any thought behind them. without fiddling with my exposure. making sure my composition is good. checking to make sure the lighting is great. I can't wait to capture the little moments in our life- like when my pugger decides to give me her belly for a good scratching (a very rare happening). or to take a quick snap of hubby's beautiful gardening to share with family. or for a classic self portrait of the two of us! I miss those things. I am ready to have them back. I want to be old and look back at my photos, and yes, I want to enjoy my beautiful shots, but I also want to enjoy the shots that tell the story of our life. the snapshots.


One Comment to “Celebrations and Snapshots”

  1. Oooooh, CONGRATS on your new little toy my friend 🙂
    I so totally know what you mean about not wanting to be all “perfect” all the time. I have a little digital camera like this too (it´s actually little sister of this one HA), but let me tell you it´s so not easy to “let go” and just shoot for the heck of it…even tho you really want it…not easy to take “snapshots” 😉
    PS: I just saw it in your sidelinks…what the heck is a woobie???

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