Sometimes I Forget

sometimes I forget that my yard is pretty kick ass. I married a gardener. and not just any gardener. I married a man that loves unique plants, things a bit more out of the norm. technically, he isn't very good at growing the normal things. they tend to die on him. but the more exotic stuff…he has a special green touch. and I forget that, I suppose maybe because I am surrounded by it all the time.

I love being married to a gardener. sure it has it's downfalls….lots of dirt tracked into the house, my car always has a layer of dirt on it's floor, we go to the home depot every. single. weekend. but the pros far outweigh the cons….I have a kick ass yard. and when macro photography is your passion, this is a good thing. Sometimes I feel like I have my very own mini botanical garden right outside my door.

when I am feeling down, or in a slump, I like to grab the camera and just wander my yard. I discover things I never noticed before, I discover that even weeds can be beautiful. I squat, kneel, and lay on the ground, surely giving passerbys an entertaining show, and I walk away feeling refreshed. renewed. every time.

Grasshopper-20-WEB Grasshopper-24-WEB Grasshopper-29-WEB

Grasshopper-37-WEB Grasshopper-40-WEB






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