Woe is She


look at that face, just look at it! Have you ever seen such a sad pugger? My poor girl is not feeling good, and the mean mommy that I am, I tried to force her to model for me. Needless to say, she was not having it one little bit. no siree.

The woes of The Doodle go something like this: She was on a mega treatment for two months to try to tackle all her ear troubles. We finished the treatment a week ago. I smell her ears yesterday (because yes, when you have been battling ear infections for this long, you are reduced to sniffing your pup's ears to get a status report) and nooooooo! the smell. the infection. crap! So off to the vets we went, and yup, the infection is still there, and she is back on treatment. *sigh* We leave this morning to go to a plant show, the kiddos all get a quick treat….and we return home to pug puke all over the couch. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhh* apparently the treat + the medication = pug puke. now she is moping big time.

Just look at that sour puss face~ I know pugs look sad, but geez! I keep waiting to see her lower lip start to quiver. poor pug face 😦


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