Kulik Classifieds…..

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Kulik Photography is currently searching for some models! Sometimes, a photographer needs to shoot for herself, for her passion, to feed her little photographer soul. By doing this I am able to spread my wings further, expand my creativity, and as a result, this affects all of my sessions in a positive light. It allows me to grow.

SO…what am I looking for?
– TWEENS (pre-teens) & TEEN GIRLS

– WAGGING-TAILED DOGS (big and small)

What do you get?
– If I select you to take part in one of these sessions, you will receive a free session with me as well as a free mounted 8×12!

What’s the catch?
– people always think when they hear "free", there must be a catch—THERE IS NO CATCH! The only requirement with these sessions is that you understand that because of the nature of these sessions, you give complete creative control to the photographer. I will decide upon the locations and style the sessions (meaning I will make the clothing and accessory choices, as well as style a "theme" if desired).

How do you sign up?
– easy! shoot me an email at info@kulikphotography.com with your information. Use "Kulik Classifieds" as your subject line, and include two close ups, and two full body shots, of yourself or your child. Include age and contact information.
– if you are wanting a bridal session, also include an image of your gown.
– if you are sending images of your pup, one close up and one full body image will be required.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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