Elusive No More

this bug…..


has been so very elusive. but finally, my day came where the planets aligned, and I caught the bugger! I have been hunting for this thing ever since the first time I saw it. And let me tell you—he is FAST. When I first saw him, I was so stunned by his unique appearance that by the time I thought I better grab my little bug catcher, it was too late. Ever since, I am always looking for him whenever I am outside. A couple months ago I was sitting out in my front courtyard reading, when swoooooosh! there was my bug. I ran inside and grabbed my bug catcher. I got back outside and tried to catch him….tried being the opperative word here. I failed miserably.

Frustrated, I plopped back down with my book, looking up once in awhile, hoping maybe the little guy would make another appearance. Nada. Hubby got home, and saw me grumbling in my chair. He asked me what the issue was, and I swear to you, as I was telling him my frustrations the bugger buzzed back by. And I kid you not, in mid-sentence I lifted my bug catcher and caught the thing. just like that. I swear. And then I panicked. now what?! I was losing light fast, and this thing is FAST. So into the freezer he went. yes, the freezer. We gave him five minutes, and he appeared to be slowed waaaaaaaaaaay down. We brought him back out, set him on a leaf…and swoooooosh! Gone! I got one majorly overexposed, blurry picture.

So the other night while hubby was watering the plants and yelled to me to grabbed my catcher. He didn;t say why, but I had a feeling it was my bug. I got out there and he said "I saw him, I don;t know where he is, but I think he is in those flowers". I was bummed. I thought there was no way I would find him. But after five minutes of searching…..woohooo! I found him! I found him!

So this is not the best shot…but I am just so excited that I finally caught the booger, I had so share something! I will share more later.


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