A Tough Pill to Swallow


but peanut butter helps it go down a little smoother : ) This, my dear readers, is the new arsenal we have to attack the nasty cruddies that have been residing in the ears of my pugger. If you are a regular reader, you sort of have had no choice but to read about the trials and tribulations of the pugzilla’s ears. Well, today is a new day. We have begun a new treatment plan,,,,and yes, being mummy and all, I technically should be optimistic…but I’m not. We have been battling this problem for two years, so I am holding back on all the gooey hopeful stuff….but I am crossing my fingers. This is the biggest fight we have shown these ears, so we will see. Eight weeks of antbiotics. yes, eight weeks.

My poor doodle has no clue what she has done to deserve all of this cruel treatment… but she is SO not a fan of all of this newfound attention. Every morning she gets her ears flushed, then cleaned out. The she gets the ear drops. some super special salve in her eye (this is a normal everyday thing that we need to do forever and ever…but suddenly, it is just another treatment), then the trickery. She thinks she is getting a treat at the end of all of this….a pill dipped in yummy peanut butter. My pugger is a tough one to get anything past her. She spits pills out like there is no tomorrow. And since she has no snout, my normal technique is sorta fruitless. So trickery it is….and it almost always works : ) Then every evening we go through the whole ordeal all over again…adding an additional pill, and a quick spray down on her feet, neck, and little arm pits for yeast.

The pugger face is not thrilled with all of this…but I keep telling her it is for her own good. i sorta think she has been trying to figure out how to flip me off with those cute little paws of hers.


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