Death of a Sunflower

the glory of sunflowers is that even as they are dying, they are still beautiful!

It seems as if every time I get the itch to go outside and do some macros, it is super windy- and today was no different! Actually, I attempted to shoot some of the flowers yesterday, and it was way too windy, so I gave up. I wanted to shoot again today….and once again- too windy. BUT, I was frustrated today. I am beginning to get paranoid- I think all computers have a super secret plan to drive me as crazy as possible…, they drove me over the edge. What do I do when I am on edge? Macros 🙂 Really. Macro photography is my true passion. It is what makes my soul smile. So I *needed* to shoot…wind or no wind.

So I am not one to cut a flower just to shoot it….but I told myself it was okay, since they were dying anyways. So that is my story, and I’m sticking to it!


     I think this may be one of my new favorites…..and I am thinking this may find itself printed on a nice big canvas 🙂



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