A Proper Peek

finally, I have a proper sneak peek for what has got to be the most fun family! They have been so patient waiting for their sneak peek….even enduring the worst tease- me posting a sneak peek, only to un-post (yup, it’s a word in my world) it within 2.5 seconds after realizing my computer completely fooled me with colors. In those 2.5 seconds, mom saw the shots!!! Is that dedication, or what?!

So thank you, A. family, for waiting through all of my computer issues for this peek. I had so much fun with you guys! I cannot remember the last time that I laughed so hard….or for so long! It may have taken us forever to get this session scheduled….but it was definitely worth the wait!



One Comment to “A Proper Peek”

  1. Thank you sooo much. We had a blast and will certainly be doing this again in the future. I swear my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much…and thanks for not putting me in time out for slipping up and saying….the forbidden word 😉

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