….sometimes you need to get up and get out.

sometimes I procrastinate. for no reason really, it is just in my nature. but other times….other times I make a conscience decision to set aside the things that "need" to be done, and go do the things that NEED to be done. I did that this weekend.

There are computer battles I should have been busy fighting (because yes, those are still not solved). There were a lot of dishes to be done. Laundry piled up. I should have been busy cleaning my dust-magnet house. I should have been doing my taxes (because yes, those have yet to be filed *gasp*). I did none of these things. Instead, I did nature. that’s what I call it, when I have the need to be outdoors, doing something fun, being under the big sky…doing nature.

So this weekend, we did nature. We went to Myakka River State Park, with our bikes in tow. Now, let’s get one thing straight- I am not physically fit. at all. I am overweight. my exercise is lifting cheesy puffs to my mouth. but I am trying to change that, and it just so happens that for me, riding a bike is a very close second to swimming when it comes to how it makes me feel. I feel free when I ride a bike. I feel like I am flying. My worries disappear. My butt tends to hurt after awhile too….but I try not to think of that!

So biking we went. and went. and went. Apparently…I didn’t think this one through. Myakka is HUGE. seriously, this place is really really big. So my bright idea was to ride the paved roads of the whole park, scope out the trails, and once we completed all the paved roads we would pick one of the trails that we had looked at. I should also point out…I have never done off road biking. and did I mention that I am NOT fit?!

So I was doing fine, having fun. We complete the pavement, hit the trail. doo-de-dooooo, I am having fuuuuuun! we hit sand. o.m.g. sand+bike+overweight girl on bike= pure misery! but fear not! I make it through the wretched sand, and I am back to having fun! We pedal along, come to a three way on the trail and see people up ahead. We decide we don’t want to bother the happy hikers, so we stop and decide what to do next. Hubby says "let’s turn back", I say "no way! I am having fun, let’s just go to the right!" so to the right we go….and I am peddaling. and peddaling. ummmm, and sweating. and huffing and puffing. I think I am dizzy. oh boy, I can’t breathe. hmmmm, will it hurt if I fall off my bike? I yell ahead to hubby, tell him I need to stop NOW. So there I was, saying how great I was feeling, let’s go slow poke! and pow! 2.5 seconds later, I think I may be dying! gotta love the Florida heat.

I rehydrate, hop back on. Off we go. yup, I am having fun. until I think that once again, I may be dying! we stop, I whine. I feel better and get back on bike. I peddal. I huff. I puff. my chubby little legs are shaking. yup, I am definitely dying this time. I just know it. we stop. the tram full of tourists comes puttering by, stopping to look at the birds, the palms, and the poor girl on the side of the road that is quite possibly dying.

I manage to get back onto the demon bike that has somehow sucked the life out of my bum. it hurts, yet it is numb at the same time. a mystery I will never understand. I pedal sloooooowly. I think I may have whined a bit more. thinking back, seeing the look on hubby’s face, perhaps it was more than just a bit. We make it back to the car. I swear I am dying. I plop down on the ground. I pull out my handy little wipes….because if I am dying, well, my hands better at least be clean! I crawl to my car and state the facts to hubby- I am not fit. I can’t feel my bum. I am tired and hot and sweaty. Let’s do this again next weekend too!

It was fun and hard and hot and tiring and I loved every single minute of it. I am happy that I made the decision to put "life" on hold, and went out and lived! 


One Comment to “Sometimes…”

  1. Yeah for you I can just hear you huffing and puffing cause that would totally be me too!!!

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