Migraines Hurt.

I get migraines. not often….but I think getting one even once is often enough. they kick my butt and take names. While I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember, the migraine thing is fairly new.

I got my first one nearly nine years ago, and thought I was going blind. I couldn’t see properly, and it scared the poo out of me. I thought I was going to need to call in sick to work, but within thirty minutes my vision got better and off to work I went. Hours later, out of nowhere, it felt as though someone had punched me, and I encountered a pain I had never experienced before. A drop you to your knees pain. put tears in your eyes. remove all rational thinking kind of pain. I went home. and proceeded to suffer through my very first migraine. Since that time, it seems that each year the migraines become a bit more common. This year? It has not been pleasant. I have progressed to migraines accompanied by vomiting. yup, not so pretty.

Yesterday, I was visited by the evil migraine monster. waaaaaa! I felt funny all day, but thought little of it. When I finally got home from work I went outside with my happy little puppers and KABAM! drop you to your knees pain. it hurts to move your eyes even a fraction of an inch. my forehead actually hurt. hurt to the touch. I was fully prepared to at any moment start living through and Aliens moment, like when Sigorney Weaver has the little critter trying to break out of her tummy….only I was sure it would be the migraine monster forcing it’s way out of my poor little forehead. I have never felt anything like this! I am a dork, and had to inspect things in the mirror….you know, make sure if anything busted out of my forehead I would at least have an opportunity to see it. I was amazed that I could not actually see my forehead pulsating….I was SURE the throbbing I was feeling on the inside was going to be visable on the outside as well. Apparently I am just too dramatic for my own good.

I made my way to the kitchen, took some migraine medication, and fell to the couch where I proceed to fight with all my power to keep my lunch right where it belongs…in my tummy. About three hours later, as fast as it came on, it was gone. yay!

So there ya go. Migraines hurt. in case you ever wondered, now you know. they hurt. a lot.

and because a photog’s blog isn;t complete without some photos! a couple more belly pics…….



2 Comments to “Migraines Hurt.”

  1. Oh my god I totally sympathize as I get the worst migraines also! Vomitting, nausea, and vision problems. It’s terrible.
    Oh yeah, love the maternity pics

  2. aw, these are sweet. love the green fabric. you made me look lovely. looking forward to viewing the rest…..

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