GigaBytes and BabyBellies

*sigh* *sigh* *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* <— was that dramatic? I have been known to have a flair for drama, and I am feeling it lately! You know how everyone sings the praises of technology? this week I hate technology, and I declare all those people liars. Technology is not wonderful. It is annoying. Sometimes I wonder if computers were put on this earth not to advance the human race…but to test the patience of me. a bit narcassistic, perhaps, but how I feel : )

This week I would like to take my computer and throw it in the canal, but then I would complain about not having internet access…..woe is me! Instead of abusing my little laptop, I am in the process of setting up a desktop system to do all of my editing on. Seems so simple doesn’t it? *sigh* It is not that far to the canal in my backyard….I wonder if I could throw the computer that far? hmmmmmm. Anyways….you don’t really care about my computer woes do you? Of course not!!!

I was able to sweet talk my computer to partially cooperate with me….and do some quick edits for my very patient baby-belly client…..look at this cute belly!


***and to my sweet little blog stalker….I PROMISE I will have a sneak peek for you soon too!!!!!


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