Oh, Why Not!

why not have another post dedicated to the pugzilla? I mean, really! It’s been what, a few days right? It is time for a pug post, if I do say so myself!

my oug is a chair girl. it is the cutest thing I have ever seen…she has been this way since the day we met. She loves to sit in chairs…she does not exactly sit in the most ladylike manner, but she sits nonetheless! If there is a chair nearby the pug will look at me with those big browns and plead. She wants up. And she does this everywhere. When we go to the vets (our home away from home) and we are waiting in the waiting room, you can guarantee that she will be sitting in the chair right next to me. It is seriously the cutest thing!

I am pretty sure I have let you know that I am a dork…and these two pictures completely prove it! I can’t get enough of my pugger…and that includes her completely random white hair on her back. Amid all that black, this one silly little hair proudly shows itself off. It just cracks me up. Hubby has threatened to pluck it…and I have threatened to cause major bodily harm if he does it. So this morning I get up, and while outside walking the puppers I look down at the pug, who is sitting at my feet. I don’t see the crazy hair. *gasp*!!! Total panic!!!! If not for the fact that hubby is out of town, I would have been convinced that he finally followed through with his evil plan. But instead, I wiped the sleep out of my eyes, and phew! there was the hair!

sweet dog paws. I love them. all shapes and sizes, I just love them all!



: ) bum wrinkles…love those too!



she just breaks my heart!

ok—- in case you are sick of my puppy dogs, which, how could you be? BUT, if for some bizarre reason you are, fear not! I have two fun shoots scheduled for tomorrow, so I will have some fun images to share with you!


One Comment to “Oh, Why Not!”

  1. Pugzilla is just too cute!

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