Positive Posting….

okay, so I have been a wee bit negative lately. Having a snoogie nose has made be a debbie downer it seems. All clouds and no sunshine. Well boo on that! However…the clouds have parted, the cold is gone, my vet confirms that I am, indeed, an awesome pupper mom, and so all is now right in the world. Ahhhh, I love when all is right in my little world šŸ™‚ SO…I promised my friend Chelsey that my next post would be a happy, postive post. All rainbows and butterflies and care bears. So here I am. And I am going to do something rare here….make you look at a picture of me. *gasp*!!!!

While in Minnesota, it became a bit of a challenge to photograph this elusive photograper. I am telling you, you think your two year old is tough? You have seen nothing until you have tried to photograph me! So one of my favorite people, Martha Bravo, was feeling up to the challenge. Poor thing- she had no clue what she was in for!!! However…she somehow managed to get a shot of me with no motion blur- absolutely amazing!
      now, I am not one to want to show off images of myself….I happen to SO not be one of my biggest fans, but I also understand that I may be a bit biased, and unable to be objective here. Hubby happens to love this image, was very surprised that Martha was able to capture me with a real smile, with my smiling eyes…all that mush stuff. SO THANK YOU MARTHA!!!!

And on one more happy little note….see this little thing?
      I think I am in love with it! Is that wrong? It feels sorta wrong to love a phone so much, but I can;t fight the feeling. I love it. I will say it loud- I LOVE MY PHONE! Take that all you silly iPhone fanatics! *okay, so I may be a bit bitter that I don’t have an iPhone….but seriously, I LOVE my Blackjack II. My favorite part of it is that I can upload my photos into it, and they look absolutely beautiful on this thing, so now I always have my portfolio with me! ummm, love it! and that glorious little keypad? *gasp* loooooooove it! Only a photographer would complain about this one- there is a pretty major shutter lag on the camera, which was a disappointment, because I actually use my camera phone a lot to harass my friends with pictures of my silly pups. So that is a downfall…but never fear, because the video function is fantabulous! Okay, that is my ode to my Blackjack. šŸ™‚ Did I mention I looooooooove it?! Perhaps I will actually start calling people more now (says the phone-phobic!!!)


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