*sniffle* repeated

can you believe I am still sniffling? can you?! I gotta tell you…being sick definitely does not become me. Hubby actually scolded poor little sick me….apparently in a sick daze I was fearful I may get lost, and so, in a very hansel and grettel manner I left a path of tissues in my wake. Tissues in the kitchen. Tissues at my desk. Tissues on the bed. on the couch. on the coffee table. in the bathroom. well….everywhere. I have had my trusty Puffs box attached at the hip, ready to a blow at any moment. In my mosy whiney voice I ask why why why *insert foot stomp* am I still sick? whyyyyyyyyyy?

You know when you have been sick for awhile, and your mind goes to that place? you know…the place where you start imaging the rest of your life sniffling and coughing? you imagine that for the rest of your existance you will be a big mess of tissues and coughing? I went there last night. Will I ever get better? Will I?




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